About Me



I am a child of God

I was born in Utah. I was raised in California. I currently live in South Jordan, Utah.

I am the 11th child in a family with 13 kids. I like spending time with family, learning and playing basketball. My parents are amazing and they had to be to raise 13 kids! Mom is loving and watchful over her kids and Dad is a hard worker and creator. Because of my parents’ examples I want to be a better person.

Being one of the youngest in a big family, I have been able to learn by watching my older brothers and sisters. I can watch out for the mistakes they made and I can also follow their examples because of the great things they do. For one who likes learning, it’s a win win. I like to read, study and practice. Some of my favorite subjects are music, especially the piano, United States history, foreign languages and web design. I have played the piano for over 13 years.

I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (that means I am a Mormon).

My biggest goal in life is to become a great husband and father.